Things to Look for When Buying Your Little Ones’ Items to Sleep In

Little baby dressed in white cotton footie and matching hat
Adorable little Johnnie Deale wearing Jacaranda Living bunny embroidered footie and matching hat.

Did you know that proper baby sleepwear is as important for your babies’ quality of sleep as baby’s¬†pillows? Next time you’re buying your baby’s onesies or footies, remember this fact and make sure you’re investing in the best possible products for your youngsters. If you are unsure how to recognize quality sleepwear, we’re here to help you. In this article, you’ll learn what you should pay attention to when purchasing little kid’s clothing, baby onesies, and more, as well as find out ways to help your little ones get better quality sleep.

Help your kids sleep better

Quality sleep is essential for your babies’ health and wellbeing. Therefore, making sure they are getting enough good sleep should be one of your priorities.

A little girl's room with embroidered Jacaranda Living bed pillows.
When designing your kids’ room, aim to create a peaceful place where they’ll feel safe and comfortable.

Besides changing sheets regularly, here are other ways to help your kids sleep better:

  • Create a safe and serene environment. Your kids’ room should be a place they feel safe and comfortable in. Thus, when renovating kids’ rooms, aim to create a fun and colorful space that your kids will enjoy spending time in. If they have negative feelings about their room, they are more likely to experience restless nights.
  • Set a routine. Children are creatures of habit, and having a sleeping schedule will help them have more quality sleep. Younger kids need between 10-12 hours of sleep every night, and the best way to help them have this is to stick to your sleeping routine.
  • Power down before bedtime. As light stimulates the brain, electronic screens are all but a good idea right before bedtime. Ideally, your kids shouldn’t have screen time at least 1 to 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Invest in good bed sheets and sleepwear. The quality of sleep is directly connected to your bed. However, it’s not only a quality mattress you should think about buying. You should also invest in good bed sheets. For instance, if you have a newborn, a quality baby blanket can help them have a better night’s sleep.

Things to consider when buying children’s pant sets & dresses to lounge in

As kids’ clothing can affect your kids’ quality of play and rest, it’s essential to know what to look for when buying your little one’s soft cotton sleepwear. There are many things you should have in mind in order to ensure your kids are comfortable, and more importantly, safe.

Two toddlers wearing Jacaranda Living cotton dresses and pant sets
Quality time with your kids at home is crucial for your kids’ development, health, and overall well-being. Here are two toddlers by the Christmas Tree wearing comfy cotton Bella pant set and Kate dress.

Further in this article, you’ll find out what to focus on next time you’re shopping for your kids’ clothing to wear at home.

Check for hidden chemicals

When buying sleepwear for your babies, the most important thing to check is if the material has been treated with chemicals. Even nowadays, to make their products flame retardant, it’s not uncommon for some manufacturers to use chemicals. However, those materials can be harmful to little ones.

So, to keep your youngsters safe from harmful effects chemicals can have, make sure to research the brand. A simple Google search can help you discover whether they treat their clothes with chemicals or not. Always aim to purchase products from companies that use organic materials to make clothes.

Focus on natural materials

Another significant thing to focus on when buying children’s clothing is the fabric. Whether you’re looking for a quality sleep sack or cute pant sets, choosing a comfortable and safe material should be your priority.

Two babies wearing cute Jacaranda Living sleepsuits at home.
Make sure your kids sleep in clothes that are meant to be slept in. By investing in proper and quality sleepwear, like these Jacaranda Living footies, you’ll ensure your kids get better sleep.

For instance, if you choose coarse materials, you risk it causing abrasions or even allergic reactions on your kids’ skin. Instead, focus on buying clothes made of cotton, preferably ones that are 100% made from this material. It’s a natural, non-allergenic material that can keep your kids safe from eczema, rashes, and even asthma. On top of that, it’s soft and comfortable.

Consider the size and your kids’ age

When buying baby sleepsuits, carefully consider the size. Even though buying larger items is cost-effective due to kids growing fast, make sure that the clothing you get for them isn’t too big or too small.

This is important for safety reasons. For instance, if the piece of clothes is too big, it can get tangled up and even seriously hurt your child while they are turning around in bed. On the other hand, clothes that are too tight can be quite uncomfortable to sleep in as well as potentially cause life-threatening issues.

Your kids’ age is another factor to consider. For instance, when it comes to infants and babies, the best way to go is to choose onesies as they cover the baby altogether. If you have a toddler who’s learning to walk, footless sleepers are the best choice as they allow your baby to walk bare feet.

A little toddler crawling around their house with our Jacaranda Living onesie
Footless sleepers or our Jacaranda Living onesies are the best choice as they allow your baby to walk bare feet.

If your kids are comfortable in their sleepwear, they are less likely to wake up during the night or be grumpy the next day due to sleep deprivation. Most importantly, quality sleep means your kids will remain healthy and have plenty of energy for their growing-up years.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, our tips helped you learn what to focus on when buying children’s clothes and babies’ onesies. By making sure you’re buying quality products, you’ll also ensure your little ones are sleeping well, which is crucial for their health.