Nightgowns for Women – Your Gift Guide for the Women in Your Life

Two girls wearing the monogrammed Marjorie nightshirt from Jacaranda Living
Two friends wearing monogrammed nightshirts from Jacaranda Living. You can monogram these cotton nightshirts for your special day.

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is never easy. You need to know their tastes and interests to personalize the gift and make them happy. Still, some presents, like pajamas and nightgowns for women, are timeless. Regardless of your age, you can never have enough of them. They are perhaps everyone’s favorite and most comfortable outfit, making it a perfect gift for any occasion. Also, you don’t need an occasion for giving a gift to a precious woman in your life. You can surprise her with a nice gesture any day of the week, just because! However, buying a present is an easy part. To get a smile on her face, you need to know what will make your loved one happy.

Focus on comfort

The main feature of any sleepwear is comfort.  Nightgowns shouldn’t be too tight and made of synthetic materials. Synthetic fabric can cause severe skin irritation, often overheating and making you sweat. Therefore, when choosing from various options of nightgowns for women, make sure to pick 100% natural material. Generally, cotton is the ideal fabric for nightwear, providing your skin with soft touch and breathability. Thus, no wonder most nightwear like pajamas, nightgowns, and bathrobes are made of this material. In addition, it’s easy for maintenance, with high durability.  Other than cotton, linen or satin sleepwear is an excellent choice for ultimate comfort. They provide classic elegance and a great silky feel, especially on summer nights.

Soft and delicate cotton fabric
Wearing quality cotton fabric gives you the feeling of stepping into a cloud. This is the beautiful Lorraine PJ with embroidered beige Napoleon Bee Wreath from Jacaranda Living.

Consider her taste and style

The way someone dresses up tells a lot about a person. The outfit is a non-verbal communication that expresses character, maturity, artistic side, class, and many other features. However, the outfit speaks only to those who can listen. If you think you know the personal preferences of your women, go with the matching styles in nightgowns. If not, consider the age, profession, and character of a person. Young girls usually opt for shorter sleepwear, while businesswomen prefer elegance and simplicity like the Anne nightgown below with long sleeves and whispers of lace detail. In addition, when picking nightwear for an older adult, go with longer nightgowns. As for the color, pattern, and texture, you can make a bold choice if you know the friend well. For example, the Jacaranda Living floral embroidered caftan sleepwear is a common choice for artistic women. You can never go wrong with a plain white cotton nightgown like the Anne long sleeve nightgown below. And like all the Jacaranda Living nightgowns, the sleepwear styles are extremely easy to clean and will get softer and softer after every wash.

long sleeve white cotton nightgown from jacaranda living
This long-sleeve Anne nightgown provides a cozy cover while you sleep at night. Made from super soft cotton lawn, it features whispers of lace and hemstitch detail.

Think of the season

Jacaranda Living christmas tree pant sets for children
This Jacaranda Living Christmas Pant Set for children is a great gift for this holiday season.

No one ever wears the same sleepwear throughout the year, especially when living in an area with a moderate climate. That’s why when getting a nightgown, consider the season-appropriate model and material. If you’re planning to buy it as a Christmas gift, opt for models with long sleeves, length, and thicker cotton. Naturally, if the occasion for gift-giving happens in summer, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, from simple short pajamas with straps to mid-length lacey nightgown models.

In addition, you can go with timeless two-piece models with short sleeves and long-length bottoms. They are an excellent option either as sleepwear or as a casual outfit when indoors. If you ever feel cold, put a bathrobe on, and you’ll enjoy the comfort and practicality of the set.

If she has a luxurious style

Girl wearing a short nightgown
If the occasion for gift-giving is a marriage anniversary, you can pick the popular Kristen nightie that both of you will love.

The natural silk is magnificent to the touch like no other fabric, even though it requires more care. It is the most exceptional and elegant nightwear you can think of that would make a perfect gift for any occasion. Natural silk wrinkles easily since it’s light and delicate, even though it’s one of the most expensive fabrics. Thus, when the seasons change and you pack such pieces of clothing for storage, make sure they are treated with care. Still, this slight downside is nothing comparing the ultimate touch of cold silk on your skin during the warm months. There is nothing like it. Going with a natural silk nightgown as a present will make someone a very happy person.

Surprise her with a personalized monogram

monogram your cotton nightgowns
That’s right, you can custom monogram any of the Jacaranda Living sleepwear. This is the Susan nightgown with a monogram. Email your request to

Noting is more personal than a piece of fabric with your name on it, especially if the occasion for gift-giving is a wedding, birthday, or a bachelorette party. Putting a monogram on nightwear is very thoughtful and tasteful memorabilia when combined with the right fabric. Of course, if placing the initials on the nightgown or a bathrobe reminds you of a hotel and spa too much, perhaps you can put some decorative details instead, like your loved one favorite symbol.

Know the right size

Girl wearing a one size cotton caftan with floral embroidery
The one/size white cotton embroidered caftan might be best if you don’t know her size. The adjustable ties make it work for all shapes and sizes!

Even though sleepwear should be comfy, that doesn’t mean a person should be swimming in it. Nightgowns for women, like every other clothing, come in different sizes. Therefore, you’ll have to be sure to pick the right one, especially if ordering the gift online. If you’re not sure about the size of the person you’re getting a gift for, ask her close friends for advice and tell them to keep it a secret.


Pajamas and nightgowns for women are some of the essential pieces in the clothing inventory. They are created exclusively for pleasure like sleeping, enjoying morning coffee, reading a book before bed, and feeling comfortable wearing them around the house any time of day. Thus, having the perfect sleepwear style gives you special joy and serenity.

How to Choose a Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

bride and mother of the bride in nightshirts

There is nobody that loves us more than our moms. This wonderful person has been there for us through every moment of our lives, supporting and nurturing us. So they deserve the perfect Mother’s Day gift. They have sacrificed a lot for us, and they love us unconditionally. This special day is the ideal opportunity to show them we care by gifting them something special. Of course, it does not have to be too expansive or elaborate. It is the thought that counts. Thus, here are a few tips that will help you choose the perfect gift for an exceptional Lady.

Choose something you know she loves

If you are not sure what to get, look for the clues. Chances are you already know what your mom needs because she has made a few comments around a dinner table. Maybe her favorite coat got ripped, and you can get her a replacement. Or she is complaining about back pain, so getting a voucher for a spa would be a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Also, nobody says she can have only one present. A resort gift is wonderful, but why not add something that will last forever and is useful. Get a nice box and pack a beautiful cotton bathrobe with the voucher on top. She can wear it to the spa center and have something to remember you by. Treat her to a deep massage, a sauna, and a facial. If your mom works a lot and is stressed, this will help her relax and sleep better.

mother and daughter in jacaranda living nightgowns

Being there for a busy mom is all that she needs

There are times in life when moms are so busy, by the end of the day, they fall into bed exhausted. For example, when they have to move with kids. It is incredibly stressful for them because they have to balance their careers, their children and make the household ready for the move. However, relocation with the entire family can go smoothly if she has the support of her partner and kids. So, the best gift you can give them is to take some load off their shoulders. For starters, start planning as soon as you know you will move. Break everything you have to do into smaller tasks. That way, you will have time to pack and spend quality time together. Kids can help by taking part in the move. Packing their rooms is an excellent place to start. Also, ask your parents to babysit the kids during the move, so you do not have to worry about them. And the same goes for every demanding situation life presents us with.

There is no better Mother’s Day gift than a delicious meal

The saying “the way to a men’s heart is through the stomach” is not only reserved for men. It is also true for women, especially if they do not have to do all the cooking. So give them a break from the kitchen with a delicious homemade meal. But do not forget to create a pleasant atmosphere. Decorate the table with dinner napkins and light a few candles. Show your wife or mom that they are your most precious person in the world by cooking their favorite dish. Also, if they have special recipes, it is a great idea to surprise them with their own creations. Of course, do not forget to clean the dishes. It is not much of a surprise if they have to scrub the pots afterward.

table setting for mom
Making dinner for mom is a beautiful way to show your love for her on Mother’s day.

Give a present that she can customize

Sometimes the best gift is the one moms can change a bit and make it their own. Especially if they have a specific taste in things, it is hard to find the perfect one. Therefore, a gift voucher is a perfect Mother’s Day present because they can choose to customize it any way they wish. Also, they will most definitely have fun deciding on a custom monogram for their bathrobe or a towel. Likewise, it is a special gift from a daughter to her mother if they share the same design on a piece of clothing or an item. Even if it is not something that you would prefer to have, it shows your support and love for them.

Organize a weekend getaway

Our moms work hard, and sometimes the only thing they need is a little vacation. A break in their busy schedule where they can rest and have some time away. So rent a home in the countryside or a beach. Reserve it for the weekend and let her recuperate by having a stroll through the forest or by reading a favorite book. But do not forget to check the weather. If it is going to rain, there is no need to cancel the trip. Instead, gift her a colorful raincoat so that she has proper protection. Meanwhile, use the time she is away to clean the house. There is nothing more satisfying than returning to a clean home. And it is one less chore she has to do.

mom wearing a floral print raincoat from jacaranda living
Gift mom a special raincoat from Jacaranda Living and treat her to a weekend getaway where she can wear it!

The best Mother’s Day gift comes from the heart

If you are not sure what to get your mom, remember that anything that comes from the heart is the best present. It is an item that represents your love for her. So even if it is something cheap and cheerful, it does not matter. Sometimes a homemade card is a perfect Mother’s Day gift if there is a heartwarming message inside. Also, just think about the flood of emotions that a collage of all the photos throughout the years capturing the best family moments will cause. In the end, as long as you spend some time with your mom, it will make her happy. Therefore, if nothing comes to mind, an evening with popcorns and a favorite movie is perfect.



Nautical Items You’ll Love for Hot Summer Days

Let’s face it, the weather is scorching, so, turn the AC all the way up, and dress your home up with our favorite beach themed items. Also, wear nothing but flowy cotton dresses around your house. Our nightgowns are where it’s at because they are comfortable, loose, and breezy. Other than these gorgeous nightgowns, we also have other ideas to keep you busy this summer like gifting friends and neighbors gorgeous nautical embroidered towels, pillows, and tissue box covers. Check out our roundup below and let us know what’s your favorite!

Beach Life 

Let’s get nautical! We’re into the end of July – have you dressed up your home with some fun beachy designs? Start with our Siesta lady….

Soak in the rays like our Siesta Lady… nothing like beach days and taking dips in between naps.

and our gorgeous coral embroidery….

Can’t get enough of our coral embroidery! Who is looking for new gift ideas this summer?

Coral Embroidered Items

Host in style with our beautiful coral embroidered cocktail napkins and tissue box cover for the bathroom.
Sand Dollar embroidery or Coral? What’s your favorite?!

School of Fishies are divine in summertime or for your beach house. Gift it to a friend who loves to fish, snorkel or scuba dive!

For Children

I’m sure your little girls and boys are complaining about this heatwave too so put them in cool cotton pant sets and English girl’s dresses. Some of our favorites (including pillow designs) for summer below:

sweet cheeks wearing our sweet pea little girl’s dress 💗💗💗. Order one today for your little girl! #JacarandaLiving
childrens pillow
Meet Freddie the Fish 🐠 children’s boudoir pillows available to shop online 💗
Beach days in our Ava cotton dress with rosebud embroidery is a great choice for your little one.
Snack time! Little Caroline wearing our Wendy Whale dress and looking adorable in her pink bow.


For Ladies

The smocked Lisa nightgown will keep you cool during this #heatwave. Order one for you and a friend today.
Cool Cotton Nightgowns are the BEST for hot summer days.
Smocked detail of the Lisa Cotton Nightgown for ladies…. keep cool out there!

Heading to the beach? There’s nothing quite like our new one-size fits all floral embroidered caftans for carefree caftan days. A great cover up and 100% cotton, easy to wash and dry and most convenient to pull over a bikini or wear while pottering around the house trying to keep cool.

Beautiful floral embroidered cotton caftan for carefree summer days! The perfect beach cover-up with drawstring ties at the waist and butterfly sleeves, shop it now online🦋

Sealife Cosmetic Bags

To keep all your small possessions organized like sun screen, make up, car keys, sunglasses and more.
Gift ideas (cosmetic bag and terry towel) that will bring good beach vibes this summer 😎

Have a wonderful time choosing from our roundup. We can’t get enough of some of these gift ideas for friends. Also if you’re looking for a comfortable night’s sleep during summer, we recommend not only wearing one of our breezy nighties but sleeping on a CBD infused pillow from pilozzz – every pillow is made of hypoallergenic down alternative fibre and a superior double knit cover. It is the most luxurious cooling pillow you will ever own! A new company that seems to please a lot of our customers.

Have a great rest of your week! We’ll leave you with these happy new mermaid designs because…. we all want to be a mermaid in summer, don’t we?

We’ve been so excited about these new mermaid embroideries, custom ordered for a sweet shop in Bermuda! Now available online for you and your girlfriends. 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏽‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏿‍♀️

For All the New Mothers Out There Entering MommyHood… You’ve Got This

Hello Fall, and hello to you new moms, we are here to help you enter mommyhood with ease, grace and style. The time has gone by so quickly and September is already here – can you believe it? We’re sad to see summer has gone by so fast but we had so much fun at the AmericasMart show in July seeing old and new faces. Also had a couple wonderful visits out to some stores in Hilton Head and along the east coast in Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. But we’re looking forward to all things NEW and want to make sure we help you new moms out. A lot of our friends are expecting or just had a baby so here we are offering our two cents to help make the experience a beautiful one.

So for all those new mothers out there, we have something special for you. Some beautiful new embroidered mother’s nighties, baby onesies, children’s embroidered boudoir pillows, and much more to help you step into new mommyhood effortlessly and with ease.

What says effortlessly chic, comfortable yet romantic more than a beautiful embroidered cotton nightgown?

victorian pajamas for mommyhood
Beautiful, romantic and super comfortable.. as a new mom you have an excuse to wear a gorgeous embroidered nightgown all day long. We love this one, the Cathy Nightie, with pink floral embroidery.

Being comfortable is the most important thing when you’re a new mom because you feel like you can’t ever relax. Those few precious hours when your new infant does decide to close her or his little eyes, you can take a deep breath. Maybe you have time to shower or wash your face but we all know that won’t last long. Remember to use this precious time to phone a friend or do some yoga stretches in the living room. The most important thing you can do is take care of yourself when you have the time.

turkish towels jacaranda living
Wrap yourself up in Jacaranda Living’s soft turkish towel after stepping out of your quick shower or use to wipe your face after a thorough face wash.

Now for the more important stuff. Your new baby or baby girl has to be cleaned, fed, and treated like the prince or princess that she or he is! So spoil them rotten with cute baby stuff! We are very happy to carry an array of different styles and designs – pick from our baby section, we offer embroidered bibs, pillows, comfortable onesies, baby hats, and cotton booties. They may likely get dirty after the first wear, but everything we carry is 100% machine-washable and can be thrown in the dryer instantly without worry. Not to mention we have more effortless styles of nightgowns for you to wear comfortably around the house!

comfortable baby clothing
Babies need your love! Spoil them rotten, treat them to something pretty and comfy, adore them. It’s a precious time. We love these embroidered sleep sacks, onesies and little hats. See more designs to choose from here. You can also shop this Eloise nightgown. 

Pay attention to when your baby is ready to interact and then talk, sing, dance, and play. Take a break when you need it.

cute embroidered pillows
A new baby girl or new baby born like to cuddle up. Dress up their new crib or bed with their favorite embroidered animal. All our designs for baby and children pillows can be found here. 

So hopefully some of our ideas to a dreamlike motherhood will find you in hopes and ideas to get going on treating yourself and taking care of your precious newborn. There is a lot to be done but with a little bit of self-care and support from your husband and friends, you will get through it. Before you know it, your mommyhood will be drifting away and they will be onto early teens. Cherish it while it lasts!


Jacaranda team <3