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6 ways to create a stylish, luxurious small powder room bathroom

Sometimes we just need a change. A change of scenery, a change of fashion and or a slight change in the decor of our homes.

But we do not always have the time, means or methods available for a redecorating project as seen in the magazines and DIY shows on the television. Here are some small budget, but suggestions for big improvement, for a comfortable yet inspiring small bathroom in your home or apartment.

1. Get creative with lighting and color. Natural lighting is not always available in a small bathroom but that does not mean that you should be deprived of the natural color of light. Pay attention to the color spectrum of the light bulbs you are using in your small bathroom to recreate the most natural light.Lighting Ideas. A small luxurious touch is to put a small chandelier or pendant over the bathroom. This will make taking a bath feel luxurious and stylish. Who does not love to bath under a chandelier?Dimmer switches are easy to install and can help you create mood.

2. Refreshing your walls with paint your walls, color suggestions. Use light colored paints that are easy to match linens and accessories with. Beiges, blues and greys are popular this year and easy to accessorize with.
Color and LIghting for your bathroom

3. Maximize the space that you have available in your small bath by adding functional shelving, removing unnecessary furniture and replacing oversized fixtures with more appropriate smaller versions. (this latter should be discussed with the landlord if you are renting the space)

4. Clear away clutter. Small bathrooms need only paint color, pretty mirror and a small picture or two to provide a functional and relaxing space. Throw away all old toiletries, only keep what you use and consolidate half bottles of shampoo with similar products. Box appliances that you use and place them under the sink where they are accessible but not visible. And lastly, pick up your towels and used clothing.

5. For that extra homey, crisp and polished ambiance, invest in fine cotton or cotton/linen blend embroidered bathroom accessories. They are luxurious to the touch, easily interchangeable for personal style and satisfy any individual indulgence. Select from many of Jacaranda Livings embroidered guest hand towels in white waffle weave or one of our natural or white linens. Also perfect for that small bathroom is an embroidered tissue box >covers. Pick a theme of embroidery and match your towels with your tissue box.
Embroidered Bathroom Accesssories

6. Fresh Flowers. Add fresh flowers to your small powder room in a small vase or mason jar. Pick from your own garden or pickup a small bouqet at a local farmers market. A great final detail and final touch to your bathroom project!

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