Come see us at NY Now from January 31-February 4th!

We will be showcasing our most popular products and some of our newest products, including terry cloth towels, new embroidery designs, and more!

Stop by booth 2753 in the Home Section of the show to come see us!
Use this map to help you navigate all the vendors.  

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5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Coming up with unique Valentines Day gifts is a challenge.  Here are a few ideas for some gifts that she’ll love!

-Colonial Candies
Who doesn’t love a little chocolate!  You can order these boxed chocolates right on the website and get your loved ones favorites, from caramels to dark chocolate or a variety.  colonial candies

-Gemvara – Necklace
Gemvara makes some beautiful pieces that fit any budget.  Even better, you can custom design any piece by picking metals and stones you like best!

<a href="http://blog.jacarandaliving site internet viagra.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/pure-pendant.jpg”>pure pendant

Nighties from Jacaranda
A white, cotton nightie that is comfortable, luxurious and sexy makes a perfect gift for her.


-Succulents from One Kings Lane
For a house plant lover, check out these beautiful succulent terrariums from One Kings Lane!  Available in a variety of sizes and types.  Succulents are easy to care for and make a beautiful addition to any home or office.


There’s just something about having nice stationery…  Find some beautiful, unique stationery at Papyrus.  These are great for little notes, thank you notes and look fantastic on your writing desk.


5 Unique Hostess Gift Ideas

Here are our top picks for hostess gifts this holiday season!

1-Towel Set – (From Jacaranda Living)
Who doesn’t love beautiful new towels for your bathroom!  Especially when they are embroidered!  Package them up in a nice basket or even repurpose a dish and put a few nice soaps with them.

guest towels - hostess gifts - bath towels - holiday linens - holiday towels - bathroom decor - embroidered towels

2-Salt and Pepper Shakers that have style (from Zady)
These handcrafted, white shakers go with any table setting.  Fill with salt and pepper and pair with a nice set of napkins.

Salt and Pepper Shakers - Hostess Gifts - Holiday Gifts - Home Decor - Table Scape - modern decor - simple elegant home

3-Hand Poured Soy Candles – (From Vessel Candle Co.)
Gift a beautiful candle your host can enjoy all year long.  These clean burning candles give off a delightful smell!  

Vessel Candle Co - Soy Candles - Handpoured candles - evergreen candles - hostess gifts - gift guide - holidays

4- Beautiful Mugs – (from Small Glow)
Treat your guest to some nice, personalized and quirky mugs.  Pair it with some coffee or tea for the perfect gift!

mugs - fun mugs - small glow - witty mugs - handmade mug - coffee mug - tea mug - hostess gifts - holiday gifts - gift guide

5-Martini Set (from Crystal Classics)
Everyone brings wine to a party.  Set yourself apart by bringing a martini basket!   Buy a nice bottle of vodka or gin, pair with these classic coup glasses, a shaker, olives and write out a recipe.  Cheers!

coupe glasses - martini glasses - vodka martini - gin martini - martini gift basket - classic martini glass - cheers - holidays - hostess gifts - gift guide


Featured Holiday Themed Embroidered Gifts

This holiday season decorate your home or give your favorite hostess holiday inspired linens and gifts from Jacaranda Living. All of our holiday embroidery designs are available on our waffle guest towels, white and natural linen guest towels and our white or natural linen tissue boxes.

Waffle Weave Guest Towels come & Tissue Boxes Holiday Designs

Waffle Weave Guest Towels & Tissue Boxes come in holiday designs.

Each of the following Designs can be ordered on any waffle towel or tissue box for the holidays.
















Holly Wreath Embroidery Design

Holly Wreath Embroidery Design



Here are some examples of our Holiday Embroidery Designs on Waffle Guest Towels. Click here to order holiday embroidered waffle or linen guest towels.


<a href="http://blog.jacarandaliving viagra en vente libre en france.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Product_JAC10414_Image_1.jpg”>Holiday Wreath on Waffle Towel

Holiday Wreath Waffle Guest Towel



Holiday Bells Embroidery Design on Waffle Weave Guest Towels

Holiday Bells Waffle Weave Guest Towel


Natural Linen Tissue Box with Holiday Wreath Design

This is a new product this year, Tissue Box Cover, Natural Linen – Christmas Wreath (Beige). This lighter natural design suits well with subtle white or beige home colors and still has a bit of a Holiday Flair without adding to many Holiday colors to your decor.

The tissue box size is W-4 ½”, D-4 ½”, H-5 ¼”, made of Natural Linen and this specific design is a Christmas Wreath (Beige), Machine washable cold.

All Natural Linen products are made to order which means it takes 6-8 weeks to ship, but please call us as we may have Holiday Items in stock.
Natural Linen Tissue Box with Holiday Wreath Design


Little Girls Holiday Christmas Cotton Dress**

EL230-2 1-2 years
EL230-4 3-4 years
EL230-6 5-6 years
EL230-8 7-8 years

Design: Long sleeve, 3 front buttons

Embroidery: Green & Red Christmas Candy Canes on bodice, 1 on end of
sleeves, 1 at back of neck

This dress has not been chemically treated with flame retardants. Accordingly the US CPSC states it should not be used by little girls for sleepwear, only play time, girl time, story time or twirl time!

All sizes are usually available in stock for immediate shipping.



Little Girls Candy Cane Christmas Dress

Little Girls Candy Cane Christmas Dress




Our Holiday Gift to you! 20% off all retail orders for Ladies Sleepwear and Girl’s Cotton Dresses
4 Days only. Valid through midnight on Friday December 6, 2013.
Enter code HOLIDAY at check out.


Our Top Ten Most Popular Embroidery Designs Unveiled!

Waffle weave guest towels are our signature best selling items – it’s what started our business!

These 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Guest Towels are offered in a wide selection of colorful embroidery design themes for you to choose from. Perfect hostess gifts – customers buy for themselves then for their friends … again and again.

Waffle Weave Guest Towel Description

Size:           12 ½” x 25”
Fabric:         White Waffle Weave
Embroidery: Olive Topiary (Green)
Trim:           Ladder Lace
Washing:     Machine washable cold, tumble dry low or line dry

Made by a group of Zulu women in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, they add an elegant accent to any bathroom, are absorbent, durable and easy care.

This month we have decided to share with you, our most popular embroidery designs on our “Waffle Weave” towels. This can help you choose which designs might be a hit with your retail store or the perfect gift for friends, family or clients!

Our #1 most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Olive Tree.
Our second most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Corsican Scroll.
Pear Topiary Tree from Jacaranda Living
Our third most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Pear Topiary Tree.
Blue Dragonfly Embroidery Design, Jacaranda Living Guest Towels
Our fourth most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Blue Dragonfly.
Our fifth most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Scarlett Cache Pot.


Blue Nautical Shell Embroidery Design, Embroidered LInens, Waffle Weave Guest Towels
Our sixth most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Blue Scallop Shell.
Our sixth most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Blue coral
Our seventh most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Blue Coral embroidery design.
Our eigth most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Lavender Wreath embroidery design.
Our eighth most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Lavender Wreath embroidery design.
Our ninth most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Duck Egg Coral embroidery design.
Our ninth most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Duck Egg Coral embroidery design.


Our ninth most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Orange Coral embroidery design.
Our Tenth most popular selling Waffle Weave Guest Towel Design is the Orange Coral embroidery design.


We have at least 20 different embroidery designs usually in stock and to ship immediately. Other designs, may take a few weeks to ship.

Create Custom Embroidery Orders – Example. Embroidered Waffle Cosmetic Bags


Many of the products Jacaranda Living carries can be custom embroidered/monogrammed with names and designs.

Popular custom embroidered items include pillows, baby pillows, monogrammed pillows, waffle and linen cosmetic bags.

Monogramming for Wholesale Customers to sell in their Retail stores

Pillows and spa products can be designed with just “custom embroidery” such as a name for a retail client, or a custom word or logo ie. “Kennebunkport” for a wholesaler purchasing for perhaps a resort area town. As a retail store we can create for you custom monogrammed products you can sell in your store, that would be unique to you. We would not sell a custom product to another retail customer.

Another option for wholesale customers is to have one of our designs on the product along with the custom monogramming for a theme that might relate to a summer beach location or another one of our many embroidery designs that might appeal to those customers based on a theme, such as flowers, nautical, beach or nature.

Retail Customer Monogramming

Jacaranda Living can customize any of our “monogrammable products” for our retail customers.
For example a pillow, such as a Gingham bordered boudoir, a waffle cotton boudoir or a a cotton baby boudoir hand embroidered could include one, or two designs along with a custom embroidered name. The cotton boudoir or the waffle boudoir could simply be embroidered without any design and a custom name such as a family name “The Millers” or “Miller.

Custom Monogramming for Unique Personalized Wedding and Baby Gifts

Custom embroidered pillows make unique and custom gifts for weddings, baby showers and holiday gifts. A pair of custom embroidered pillows with a design and a couple’s family name, are the “perfect wedding gift” giving your gift personality and personalization.

How to Order Custom Monogrammed Products

You will have to call us to have a product or products custom monogrammed. We do not have that capability on our website. Please Call us at: 781.416.3533 or email us info@jacarandaLiving.com

Wholesale Pricing for Retailers

Jacaranda Living offers wholesale pricing for retail stores. Please request access to our wholesale pricing by log gin in on our wholesale page and filling out the request form.

Example of Custom Ordered Products for a retail customer

We recently received a custom order for our Waffle Cosmetic bags by a retail client who wanted to have names custom embroidered for her entire family as gifts. She ordered various “sea shell designs” from our website for the ladies. For men, she custom ordered “natural linen” cosmetic bags specifically to fit suntan lotion.

custom cosmetic bags
Custom Cosmetic Bags for men and ladies!

Jacaranda Living will take custom monogramming orders such as these as long as you meet the minimum number of items required to do a custom order. Jacaranda Living also does custom monogramming for wholesale customers who wish to sell custom monogrammed items in their stores. If you have questions please contact us at info@jacarandaliving.com

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