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When it comes to holiday gifts for mom, let’s face it, she may be the most important person on your list. Mom, Ma, Mum, or Mommy, young, old, or just hitting her stride, moms are an important recipient and can also be one of the toughest people on your list to buy for. But fear not! There is hope!

Something Practical – Sleepwear from Jacaranda Living

Remember when you used to receive socks, or underwear for Christmas? Perhaps not your favorite gift. Maybe you also received gifts of simple toiletries, or clothes you needed anyway, and it didn’t seem much like a gift. But have you given thought to whether your Mom received those types of gifts?

In fact, many mothers forego their own needs to make certain their kids have more than enough. A “practical” gift can actually be quite luxurious when you give it some extra thought. So why not make the “practical” extra special this year? Some of the following items offered by Jacaranda Living make great gifts. You’ll be giving top quality items that can be customized for your Mom or any other special women in your life, and it’s probably something she’s hoping for but wouldn’t buy for herself. Why not show her how special she is with a special gift from Jacaranda Living?

Sleepwear – Who doesn’t love to snuggle down at the end of a long day in their favorite robe and slippers. Jacaranda Living offers a wide range of beautiful cotton nighties, pajamas, slippers and robes that would be a perfect choice. They can be embroidered with many beautiful designs to make them a gift she’ll treasure for many nights to come.

DG40 Slippers (Closed Toe) - Natural Linen, Embroidered

Create a Cuddle Up Sleepwear gift package especially for her by including a cocoa mug featuring pictures of you, grandchildren, special artwork, and it’ll make ending every day a celebration. Popsugar has a great article on how to make your own very special mug to go along with a cuddle up sleepwear gift package.

Lingerie Bags

Every woman can use our special lingerie bag to ensure that delicates, and hand-wash only items don’t get damaged in the wash. Moms are busy women so having a lingerie bag (especially a beautifully embroidered one from Jacaranda Living) is the perfect way for her to get all those much loved delicates cared for gently.

DN325 Lingerie Bag, White Cotton - Clothesline (Colorful)

Our Every Day Life recommends pretreating any stains first, then using the lingerie bag to make sure your delicates stay that way. Your Mom may appreciate more than one lingerie bag, one for every day, and one for special delicates to keep them stored safe.

Something Fun – Botanical Patterns for Raingear and Luggage 

Some Moms are outdoorsy, active types who would enjoy a gift that goes along with that lifestyle. Some do the 9 – 5 thing, and spend most of their day in an office wishing they could bring the outdoors in. We’ve got some cute items that might be perfect:

RH105-EG Rain Umbrella - English Garden

Umbrella and Raincoat

Some days heading out into a nasty morning filled with rain and fog can be downright dreary. But with a raincoat and umbrella from Jacaranda, Mom could take the sunshine with her. Our ensemble is sure to put a smile on her face and perhaps a few others as she commutes to the office.

Shoulder Bag

As with the raincoat and umbrella, carrying a hint of springtime can be a great way to keep your Mom feeling positive and upbeat. Our bags are made of cotton with beautiful botanical patterns.

Weekender Bag

If Mom travels for business, she may love a beautiful carryon bag that stands out from the pack, and has room for all her important items.

RH109-BOT Weekender Bag - Botanical

Gifts for the Hostess with the Mostest – Tablecloths and Napkins

If your Mom is the one in the family who hosts every holiday dinner and is at her happiest planning a party surrounded by family and friends? She may enjoy a gift that makes that kind of day extra special.

Beautiful cotton embroidered napkins

The table is usually the highlight of the event. These  tips from Martha Stewart can help her create a table worth remembering. Elegant table linens can make a big difference in the overall look of a table. Jacaranda Living offers a variety of embroidered table linens. We also offer a variety of fabrics and embroidery patterns to match her personal style.


The most important thing when selecting a gift for Mom is putting thought into it. In fact, any gift should be something you think about. Who is the person you’re buying for? What do they like? When you care about the recipient, you should also put care into selecting a gift that shows it. Giving a gift from Jacaranda Living means you’re choosing a gift of quality and elegance. Our gifts can be personalized to tell your Mom, or the person who is like a mother to you, just how much you care. Visit our website to see more and consider a gift from Jacaranda Living this year.




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