How To Create A Classic Bedroom Look With Delicate Decor

boudoir pillow coversOf all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is certainly your safe haven. By creating a restful and comfortable environment in your bedroom, you can feel completely at ease while lounging, dressing, or sleeping. For those with more traditional taste, you can create this atmosphere by adorning your bedroom with tastefully delicate details. This guide will focus on how to add some sweet touches to your color scheme, bedding, furniture, and wall art.

Color Scheme
Every decor starts with the right color palette. A recent survey found that over a third of respondents would choose a neutral color palette if redecorating. In this case, a soft color scheme will lay the foundation for delicate details. White is always a safe bet, but you may also consider light beige. Alternatively, you could create a darker background for your boudoir pillow cases and throw blankets to stand out. Navy blue is particularly popular right now.

Once you select a color scheme for your bedroom, choose the right bedding to act as the room’s centerpiece. Consider selecting a simple white comforter to pair with elegant boudoir pillow covers. A knit throw will create a cozy look on the bed. And of course, you will feel right at home while lounging in your Victorian style nightgown.

Antique lovers, this is your chance to curate your dream room. Rustic wooden furniture is best for classic styles, so look for unique pieces at flea markets or vintage furniture stores. Remember that you can refinish or paint a piece to fit your home decor. You can also purchase an embroidered tissue box cover, antique ring dishes, and other delicate trinkets to display on this furniture. Just be sure to keep it simple, as you could overcrowd the room otherwise.

Wall Art
Simple paintings and antique mirrors are lovely touches to any classic style bedroom. Whether you commission original pieces or purchase them from an artist pre-made, take the time to select pieces that you truly love. Also be careful not to overpower details like your boudoir pillow covers. Every piece should work in harmony.

By creating your ideal bedroom, you will feel that your home decor truly matches your taste. This way, you will feel at ease and rested while spending time in this space. And as your taste evolves, you can switch up the decor.

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